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Money Freedom Empowerment





About the Money Freedom Empowerment 

         We live in times where collective money fears permeate the air. These negative   energies can affect us personally, especially when we are struggling or dealing   with financial stress.                          The purpose of the Money Freedom Empowerment is to help unplug from    collective and personal fears surrounding money. By releasing fear, we are      better able to connect to spirit and follow our inner guidance, which can enable us to handle our money situation in a more productive way.    

              Achieving money freedom is not just about “ ” becoming financially  independent.

A high net worth does not necessarily make you free, it just gives you more money to worry about.

Being free means trusting that God/the universe/spirit (whatever you call it) will  take care of you as long as you are connected and open.   Releasing money fear means that you don't get too attached to any specific job,   source of income, or material object. You are not defined by your job, your   home, or the net worthon your balance statement.         Should  the worsthappen and (for example) you lose your home due to   foreclosure, you understand that you'll be OK and are now released from a burden that perhaps you were not ready for. You can now be open to allowing   something new and different into your life. Just trust and allow.


To Activate

This energy is activated by intention. Go into a meditative state, and ask to connect to your higher self. Then say to yourself:  I would like to receive the Money Freedom Empowerment  to release any  negative energies about money that may be in or around me.

The exact words do not matter

it is the intention behind the words that is  important.

For another person:

I would like to send the Money Freedom Empowerment to release any negative energies about money that may be in or around NAME.

Stay in a meditative state for approximately 15-20 minutes and allow the energies to release any blockages or fears.

To Attune Others

   Connect to your higher self, and then the higher self of the recipient. Ask to connect to the Money Freedom Empowerment energy. See it as a green ball of light.                                                                     Use your traditional attunement method if in person to send the green ball of light into the chakras.  Via distance, imagine the person in front of you as you send the green ball of  light to the recipient.   There is no time-limit or limit on re-attunements.  This energy can be freely shared with anyone, and it is also OK to charge for  providing a personalized attunement if you offer attunements as part of your  Reiki practice.



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