Athlantic light temple


Atlantis light


Pré-requis : Maitre d'un systeme energetique.

6 Initiations **  Manuel en anglais (4p.)


In Atlantis there were many Light temples. Every one of them held a certain energy level in order to help the people take the next step for themselves. Ones own responsibility was supose to be taken step by step.

The Atlantic Light Temple Energy helps you (with green healing energy) to develop yourself further and to gently remove “old” blockages.

The system revives the ancient Atlantean energies that came from the Atlantic ocean.

Many people suffer nowadays most of all from stress.

Whether in school, occupation or at home, stress is lurking everywhere.

When you’re feeling stressed and down, many times you can’t see the forest for the trees. Then you can fill yourself with the Atlantic energy.

The possibilities to use the Atlantic Light Temple Reiki are vast.


Tarif : 15 €